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Pics or it didn’t happen

I’ve been busy neglecting my blog knitting up a storm lately. The fall weather is starting to sneak in here and there in Portland and it’s giving me the itch to stitch big time. So far, the Alpenwald shawl is … Continue reading

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Pipeline (and not the Ventures kind)

The other day I wrote a list of all the designs awaiting publishing and good gravy was it ever overwhelming! I’ve got two in the test knitting phase right now and so many more on the way, I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Just published: Mayrhofen Fingerless Mitts

The pattern for these was a long time coming, but it’s finally here, yay! I hope you enjoy stashbusting your worsted weight yarns with this quick and simple pattern as much as I have for the past year. The embroidery … Continue reading

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A long hiatus comes to a satisfying close

Welp, it appears an apology is in order. You see, I was terribly busy for a while, and have neglected my blog. While my lear jet is grounded for repairs, I’m back to post about random Portland stuff, knitting (and … Continue reading

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Oh the things you see in Portland…

Look, it’s that Darth Vader-helmeted / unicycle-riding / bagpipe-playing / utilikilt-wearing guy! He was really booking it on that unicycle, so the pic is a little crooked because I had to act fast to snap it! Also, if the word … Continue reading

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Wie gut geschmeckt

My love for German/Austrian foods is so great it borders on disturbing and unnatural. It’s so good, so satisfying, and makes me feel full of joy and 100 lbs. of lead simultaneously. Mmmm, lead…or more precisely: Kirschmarrn, Käsespätzle mit Speck … Continue reading

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Welcome to the jungle

So the new apartment is pretty much my favorite place I’ve ever lived. This is what I get to see every time I open my front door, and yet I’m roughly 2-3 minutes from downtown: As promised, I was unpacking … Continue reading

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Forward progress

Apparently I didn’t have enough hobbies because I fell off the deep end with a new one over Labor Day weekend: records. Found tons of old jazz, weird 50′s music that defies classification and would be fun to play at … Continue reading

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^d8 knit & crochet

Have been finishing things like *crazy* lately. Am on my 10th pair of the fingerless mitts from the previous post. Pair 10 is being worked with Lang Yarns YAK (in a very pretty ivory shade), and they are super-soft. It will … Continue reading

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Winter is coming.

It’s hot outside, but in Portland, Oregon hot weather doesn’t last too long. (Thankfully!) I’ve been making a bunch of fingerless mitts (to sell) and plan on publishing the pattern(s) soon also. They are worked in 3 weights: fingering, sport/dk, … Continue reading

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