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A long hiatus comes to a satisfying close

Welp, it appears an apology is in order. You see, I was terribly busy for a while, and have neglected my blog. While my lear jet is grounded for repairs, I’m back to post about random Portland stuff, knitting (and … Continue reading

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^d8 knit & crochet

Have been finishing things like *crazy* lately. Am on my 10th pair of the fingerless mitts from the previous post. Pair 10 is being worked with Lang Yarns YAK (in a very pretty ivory shade), and they are super-soft. It will … Continue reading

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Winter is coming.

It’s hot outside, but in Portland, Oregon hot weather doesn’t last too long. (Thankfully!) I’ve been making a bunch of fingerless mitts (to sell) and plan on publishing the pattern(s) soon also. They are worked in 3 weights: fingering, sport/dk, … Continue reading

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Proof of life

I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done lately! Some pics… This is a scarf looks different on both sides (only one side shown for now) due to the way the brioche stitch pattern encourages each yarn to “choose a … Continue reading

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Pics, or it didn’t happen…

I’ve been finishing things left, right, and center the past couple weeks. It’s been great! Unfortunately, all year my camera batteries have been dead (and I’ve been too lazy to find the charger and zap them). The best pics I … Continue reading

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Such a tease…

Okay, so I’ve been dangling the carrot on a stick far too long. Here are a few photos of a couple WIPs that are soon to be finding their way off my needles and onto my person… Much more knitting … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 32612.352

Blast. I had to rip back quite a bit of Shetland lace…can’t get my work to match my chart and don’t want the pattern to be wrong. After taking it off the needles to snap the photo posted below, it … Continue reading

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Over the mooOOOooo-n

Have been working on some gorgeous new designs for Mountain Meadow Wool yarns, one of which is here: The yarn is their Mountain Down Fingering, which is 75% Mountain Merino™ and 25% hand-plucked bison down. The Wild West never felt … Continue reading

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The bug that isn’t an insect…

Wearing my Dettifoss cowl today and it’s *just* what I needed to keep away the chill in the office. Am about 1/3 of the way done with a beautiful blouse in Mountain Meadow Wool Kaycee (dyed a lovely shade of … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons, throw them at people

Last night I couldn’t bring myself to work on Usoa. I love it, but am getting too close to the thistle part, in every sense of the phrase. What did I do instead? I made a bunch of tiny hexagons … Continue reading

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