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I spy with my little eye…

Something that begins with W…and maybe H…and maybe B…and maybe N. I normally only work on one project at a time, but I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is: MOAR KNITTING. I think I can actually finish this … Continue reading

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workin’ on the chain ga-a-ang…

I’m on a big Sam Cooke kick lately. Whatever your mood, his music fills the bill. I also like that when I sing along with Sam, nothing bad happens. Unlike when I’ve got the Celine tunes cranked, and there always … Continue reading

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Basque-ing in the sun

Good gravy has that shawl ever been giving me fits. Today is a nice, long drive out to Maryhill museum to see the progress on their expansion. I plan to work on the shawl the whole way there and back. … Continue reading

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Dreams within dreams

It’s been nice to finish up projects and be responsible. I never used to finish anything, and I now realize, a lot of that stemmed from the yarn I was using not being very inspirational. Frequently, I hoard yarns that … Continue reading

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Welcome to my slog.

I would solemnly swear to never make anything with the word “infinity” in its description on 2.75mm needles again, but my resolve is so weak, especially for fine-gauge knitting, that we all know there’s no point. It finally has a … Continue reading

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Onward and upward

There has been quite a lot going on at Chez Bethany lately. Words are so…wordy, so I will let some pretty photos do the talking for me. This beautiful card was titled “Eggplants” and was taken at Red Truck Farm … Continue reading

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Amazing Technicolor Dream

There are really three kinds of people in this world. Those who love Noro Yarns Those who don’t Those who’ve never heard of them I place myself firmly and totally in category #1. Why? A multitude of reasons, some of … Continue reading

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What’s happening

Some pictures of knits and comestibles… Just had to get out and about for a bit. The Lilura is so soft knitted up, and especially after blocking. It has the perfect amount of drape and spring, if something can be … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Letter…

…is definitely a “Y” and wear it with less shame than I probably ought. Temptation, thy name is “Lilura.” As if my plate weren’t full enough, I cast on for something else last night. Sometimes when designing something, I am … Continue reading

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Long time comin’

After casting on for it almost a year ago and finishing it earlier this year, I am finally finishing my Esti Wrowl pattern. Am putting the finishing touches on it this weekend and then it’s off to tech-editing and test-knitting/crocheting. … Continue reading

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