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Cloudy, chance of rain 82%

I have a new design brewing in Mountain Meadow Wool’s Kaycee. It’s one of my favorite methods of shawl construction. Photos to come, perhaps tomorrow. Am tossing around a few names for the design, but nothing is firm yet. It’s … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

Been in finish mode on a couple things and trying to pick a new big knitting design project, but what? Going through old sketches, making new ones, etc. It’s becoming more and more apparent that no matter how far I … Continue reading

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Bits ‘n’ pieces

I snapped a picture of my coffeetable the other day (it’s actually coffeetableS, as in, two IKEA Lack side tables side-by-side) because it made me happy how pretty everything on it looked: I am working on an idea for an … Continue reading

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Dreams within dreams

It’s been nice to finish up projects and be responsible. I never used to finish anything, and I now realize, a lot of that stemmed from the yarn I was using not being very inspirational. Frequently, I hoard yarns that … Continue reading

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Flower power

Around here fresh flowers are a big hit. They spruce up the dining table, and in the gray, dreary PNW, add a splash of desperately-needed cheery color. We got some beautiful pink  tulips last week. Well, that was last week, … Continue reading

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Sock it to me!

In the interest of always keeping my knitting patterns as clever as possible, I recently came up with one of which I’m rather proud and felt like sharing. This is more of a recipe at this stage, but I just … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Letter…

…is definitely a “Y” and wear it with less shame than I probably ought. Temptation, thy name is “Lilura.” As if my plate weren’t full enough, I cast on for something else last night. Sometimes when designing something, I am … Continue reading

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