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Welcome to the jungle

So the new apartment is pretty much my favorite place I’ve ever lived. This is what I get to see every time I open my front door, and yet I’m roughly 2-3 minutes from downtown: As promised, I was unpacking … Continue reading

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Forward progress

Apparently I didn’t have enough hobbies because I fell off the deep end with a new one over Labor Day weekend: records. Found tons of old jazz, weird 50′s music that defies classification and would be fun to play at … Continue reading

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Proof of life

I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done lately! Some pics… This is a scarf looks different on both sides (only one side shown for now) due to the way the brioche stitch pattern encourages each yarn to “choose a … Continue reading

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New Pattern: Ederne Shawl

Ederne is a sideways knit shawl with Shetland lace along the edge. The garter stitch basis of the shawl means both sides look the exact same and it knits up quickly! Worked in the wonderful Mountain Meadow Wool Kaycee, it … Continue reading

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Falling for autumn

There has been a lot of what you might call hubbub in Chez Hendrickson, some of which is of the knit and crochet variety. There has also been some cooking going on as well. Will have to post the latest … Continue reading

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Dear Portland…

Walking down Yamhill Street yesterday on my way to Pearl Fiber Arts, and what do I see? Something almost Portlandia-ish in it’s “Portlandness.” Poems while you wait. By this guy: Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I asked … Continue reading

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*exhaling deeply* Ahhhh…

I have been internet-free since FEBRUARY. I’ve enjoyed saving money by not having a cable bill, but I’ve missed a lot of Grimm episodes, Food Network shows, and have sorely neglected my blog and pattern-writing duties. There are some fun … Continue reading

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Oh, *do* go on…and on…ok, that’s enough.

It’s been quite a busy weekend, even being off work an extra day. It’s been great, and I’ve managed to be incredibly productive…while avoiding doing laundry. I’ve always said, if there’s something you don’t want to do, find something else … Continue reading

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Depeche mode

I’ve been remiss in making too many more of these, but thought it was high time I updated the blog. Just to show that I have quite a few other projects in the works: Svartifoss motifs…haven’t decided if this will … Continue reading

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I finished a sleeve for the Pendleton wool cardi I might have mentioned in passing yesterday. Now to finish the rest of the sweater. I wanted to do something really clever with the construction, but seeing how few sweaters I’ve … Continue reading

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