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Set-The-Mood Mondays, Vol. 1

I’m thinking of doing something new here on the blog. Mondays set the pace for everyone’s week, whether we want them to or not, so I’m adding songs to my grooveshark playlist to help me keep my head in the … Continue reading

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Whoo-PAH! or w’KSH!

Christmas has come and gone, finally. I hope everyone had a nice holiday and that they are looking forward to New Year’s Eve/Day. As for my earthly/21st century gifts, I got the laptop bag of my dreams, which will probably … Continue reading

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Pix vobis

It always bums me out to post without photos, because I’m just as excited about eyecandy as the next guy or gal. I cleaned up some nature photography from earlier this year and felt like sharing. **Disclaimer: This was just … Continue reading

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It’s amazing the year is almost over. It seems like just yesterday it was 12:00am New Year’s Day 2010, and I was clinking glasses with my sweetie. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, right? Knitting progress is being … Continue reading

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Amazing Technicolor Dream

There are really three kinds of people in this world. Those who love Noro Yarns Those who don’t Those who’ve never heard of them I place myself firmly and totally in category #1. Why? A multitude of reasons, some of … Continue reading

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I’ll take ‘Shoulder pads, swing, & Bogie’ for $800, Alex…

It’s been in the 40s (Fahrenheit, naturally) here all last week and now this week. I’ve been informed by a certain person that that is really mild, and that in other parts of the country December is bitingly, bitterly cold … Continue reading

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Catatonic fit

This is Goose. She is a big fan of boxes. She seems to be making some kind of life-as-art statement. Perhaps she feels trapped in her carefree nap/eat life, maybe she feels trapped indoors, or possibly even trapped in a … Continue reading

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Kuelap, draw back your bow

After having to prioritize working on my site and getting the Enchanted Vine pattern out the door, I finally finished the first Kuelap fingerless mitt last night. The thumb portion doesn’t fit at all so I am going to take … Continue reading

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Site is experiencing some technical difficulties. Will get it back to normal as soon as humanly possible. :)

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Enchanted Vine Pattern Release

Oh happy day! It’s finally a real pattern: Get it on ravelry or from its dedicated page on here on my site.

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