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When life gives you lemons, throw them at people

Last night I couldn’t bring myself to work on Usoa. I love it, but am getting too close to the thistle part, in every sense of the phrase. What did I do instead? I made a bunch of tiny hexagons … Continue reading

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The epitome of hyperbole.

Weird Al describes the kind of day that seems to be de rigeur around here lately. It’s important to retain the ability to laugh when you really just want to go sit in a tub of Häagen-Dazs armed with nothing … Continue reading

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Walked down to the Starbucks at the bottom of the hill for a cup of coffee this morning and on the way I passed a beautiful wild lilac shrub. (Thanks to the direction of the wind, I could smell it … Continue reading

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

a finished object! Yay! Excuse the grainy photo. My camera doesn’t like the lighting in my bathroom. Whew. FO fumes will now propel me to a much-faster finish of the Usoa shawl. Gogogogogogo!

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I spy with my little eye…

Something that begins with W…and maybe H…and maybe B…and maybe N. I normally only work on one project at a time, but I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is: MOAR KNITTING. I think I can actually finish this … Continue reading

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New pattern!

Just published the pattern for Kuelap Fingerless Mitts! They look complicated, but you only need to use one color at a time, so the knitting goes by quickly. This is a great way to destash odd balls of this or … Continue reading

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It’s an Amish mistake

I’ve been knitting away furiously on the shawl that I’m tentatively calling Usoa (“dove” in Euskara), though it may be changed to Ederne Usoa (“beautiful dove”). So far it looks like this (Had to put a pillow from my couch … Continue reading

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Budget Gourmand

Aside from all of the obvious stuff, the worst thing about having a recession is how many times one is subjected to sentences that begin with the phrase “In this economy…” That being said—There, now it starts with something else. … Continue reading

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That’s the time, that’s the time, I love the best.

Welly, well, well…don’t we look purty? Red Cabbage + alum. From left to right, modified as follows: Vinegar and cream of tartar (wheat), bakingsoda and cream of tartar (beach glass), baking soda (sky). I’m pretty chuffed with these. Who knew … Continue reading

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Potent quotables

A facebook pal posted an adage from one of my favorite quotable people (Irish statesman Edmund Burke), so I thought I’d post some of his sayings today because they are awesome and might help someone else, too: No one could … Continue reading

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