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New Pattern!

Just published Viracocha Shawlette last week and finally had some time to put it up here on the site. This is another in the set of Peruvian-inspired patterns. The yarn is from Mountain Meadow Wool and knit up beautifully. Check … Continue reading

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The Case of the Uptight Woman

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that I probably take things a little too far. Most people can probably leave the house with keys/wallet/cell phone, and they have what they need. My purse has stuff like hand sanitizer, … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

Been in finish mode on a couple things and trying to pick a new big knitting design project, but what? Going through old sketches, making new ones, etc. It’s becoming more and more apparent that no matter how far I … Continue reading

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Sew, a needle pulling thread

I’ve been busier than a 5 year old in a vat of cotton candy lately, though not with knitting, oddly enough. Mostly it’s been crochet and sewing. I’ve been making some stuff with my vintage-themed fabrics like this little trivet … Continue reading

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A very sad thing.

A friend of mine has a non-profit (Illinois Valley Cat Taxi) that rescues animals from abuse, neglect, or hoarding situations, and not just in their small community either; they’ve gotten animals from neighboring states. They recently got a large influx … Continue reading

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Stick a fork in it!

Usoa is finally done. Need to block it and get the pattern squared away. This one was so simple! I’m worried that that means the pattern will be a real nightmare. Even though I only made it in one size, … Continue reading

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Checkered flag is in sight

Am done with the main chart for Usoa. Might be able to crank out the eguzki-lore and bottom edging point before it’s time to go have our Saturday picnic. Icanarod, Iwillarod, Iwinarod, Iditarod!

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Bits ‘n’ pieces

I snapped a picture of my coffeetable the other day (it’s actually coffeetableS, as in, two IKEA Lack side tables side-by-side) because it made me happy how pretty everything on it looked: I am working on an idea for an … Continue reading

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6 sides to every story

Finished this fingerless mitt yesterday. I keep putting it on and admiring it; it’s probably one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made (IMO anyway). Decided to do blank hexagons on the palm for two reasons: they were faster to … Continue reading

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