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Le Sigh…

Slogging through the same ol’ projects. Oof. Have to rip one of them out, and am not looking forward to it. Brief and boring post is brief and boring.

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If you ever want to feel old…

I hate trying to relate to people only to realize <Matthew McConnaughey in Slacker> I’ve gotten older and they’ve stayed the same age. Just today I found a perfume at Anthropologie that smells just like Debbie Gibson’s flash-in-the-pan perfume, “Electric … Continue reading

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Ahm no’ dead yet!

Seriously, I have just been busy. Have some great ideas for a sweater after eyeing some in the windows of shops in Portland’s tony Pearl District…swatches to come, but I have been wiped from my new schedule. Will have to … Continue reading

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Xerox Workers Appeal To Company’s CEO During Visit Apparently, some employees asked CEO Ursula Burns how Xerox justifies firing so many Americans and sending their jobs to India when the CEO is making a gobstopping amount of millions per year. … Continue reading

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Last Thursday (coincidentally enough, it was “First Thursday” and the traffic—both foot and car—was nothing short of meshuggeneh), I was interviewed by the lovely Natalie of Cloudy With A Chance of Fiber fame. She released her Sock Summit podcast, episode … Continue reading

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Talk about a busy bee. Things are finally settling down a bit to where I can post about some goodies I’ve been working on. Too many goodies at once, maybe, but I can’t stand doing one thing at a time. … Continue reading

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New Pattern!

Just added a little cowl I’d knitted up last year. It’s called the Straightforward Cowl, and is a quick-to-knit project that is very instantly gratifying. One could probably knit this up in an evening if they knit fast enough: Oh, … Continue reading

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Are you recovering from Sock Summit? I spent a good 5+ hours yesterday knitting with greasy wool and amazingly: my hands don’t hurt today. Got to meet some wonderful new people including Stephanie Pearl-McPhee herself (I’m the last knitter on … Continue reading

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