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Forgot my camera this morning. Y’know, anyone reading this is lucky. I am here to remind you that you aren’t as flawed as you think you are me. You’re welcome. Now I’m crocheting another sample of a design to show … Continue reading

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Point & Shoot

Today I play photographer. How to photograph my own hands on a gray day? Not sure how, just sure that I *must* because a certain pattern is done but for the dreadfully uninspiring for-position-only photos it currently has. For the … Continue reading

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Post Xmas wrap-up (get it?)

Well, we had a good Christmas at Chez Hendrickson. The Ashcreek Poncho and a charcoal-gray cashmere twinset found their way into my closet (can you say, “YIPPEE!!!”?), we got to spend quality time with far flung family, and I spent … Continue reading

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That big ugly thing looming in the distance…

It’s not a big, scary monster, though it sure can feel like one. It’s not a black hole, though with each fruitless one that passes, it sure is starting to feel like one. It’s the new year. The time when … Continue reading

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Am wiped out. This was a *busy* week. Couldn’t really take any time off from work (I hate taking time off anyway unless I’ve severed an appendage or was detained by aliens or something important like that), so spent most … Continue reading

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Hope to finish up another pattern (the one I’ve had more requests for than all of my other patterns combined) tonight. Am wishing, hoping, dreaming, praying I get the ad spots that I want when they go up for grabs … Continue reading

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uh-b’dee, uh-b’dee, uh-b’dee, that’s all folks!

Why do I get all my best ideas after 10pm? That doesn’t leave much time for turning into a pumpkin, now does it? Oh well, everyone has their own internal clock, I guess. Better do a check list since it’s … Continue reading

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Someone get the smelling salts.

The Ashcreek Poncho that I’ve been drooling over for months (ever since finding the Pendleton Collection in a local-to-Portland newspaper) is on sale for $179.95…and I just got an email from Anthropologie that it’s on sale for another 30% off … Continue reading

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New Pattern: Usoa {Shawl}

This is one of my favorites. I love that it’s interesting to work, but not exhausting (as many lace shawls can be for my little pile of cerebral oatmeal). I love the yarn more than a box of kittens. Last … Continue reading

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Had to take a wellness exam for work insurance, and finally got my results back today. Checked “yes, please” to an allergy test, thyroid level check, cholesterol & glucose screening, glucose, and general vitamin/mineral panel. The only thing that came … Continue reading

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