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Cloudy, chance of rain 82%

I have a new design brewing in Mountain Meadow Wool’s Kaycee. It’s one of my favorite methods of shawl construction. Photos to come, perhaps tomorrow. Am tossing around a few names for the design, but nothing is firm yet. It’s … Continue reading

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Somebody Whoooh

If you ever want to feel inferior try to sing along with Ella Fitzgerald. or Aretha Franklin. or especially Whitney Houston. Just forget about it. More than anyone else in my formative years, there was one person that made me … Continue reading

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Chez Hendrickson

Took these photos to show the gemütlichkeit I’m rocking at my new place. This is my little knitting nook: The wall is lined with bags of yarn alloted to different designs. Am trying to spin their “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” angle … Continue reading

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Keep Portland weird fun!

Another gorgeous, sunny day here in Portland. This has been the strangest winter I can remember, for sure. I’m sad that I have to spend the day doing unfun responsible stuff. Oh well. I will let that motivate me to … Continue reading

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Glücklich Wochenende!

I had today off, so ran around doing all kinds of errands. Am now feeling very clipboardy and checkboxy about my weekend. My things to do this weekend: 1. Take a hike in MacLeay park (bonus points for walking there) … Continue reading

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