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Oh my goodness.

There just has to be a Ghostbusters joke in here somewhere, but I can’t quite grasp it: How can anyone not like cats? I just don’t get it. Maybe they didn’t have sweet kitties in their homes when they were … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 32612.352

Blast. I had to rip back quite a bit of Shetland lace…can’t get my work to match my chart and don’t want the pattern to be wrong. After taking it off the needles to snap the photo posted below, it … Continue reading

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Now I’ve heard everything

Spinning with Scottish Highland Cattle fiber. I love it! They are so adorable…I think I need some, but they won’t fit in my apartment.

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Yay, they still have it!

Spotted this morning when I got off the streetcar to go to work:

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Food Prawn

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Verse, chorus, verse

Am reprising my Woodsy Kale dish from this post for dinner tonight. Side of polenta and broiled asparagus that I found in the fridge at a friend’s house (am petsitting for them). I hate to snatch it, but they won’t … Continue reading

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Set-The-Mood Sunday, Vol. 1

Feeling a little empowered by my loooong walk around the neighborhood today—and, to a much greater extent, the margarita I had at happy hour—I have grooveshark cranked to some super sing-along friendly tunes. Just what I need to make muffins … Continue reading

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::rotates horseshoe 180º::

Just scored the last set of these from this morning! YAY! Looks like my luck is starting to change…albeit temporarily. Cloud Sprigs sheet set // The weather is gorgeous here today. Just as well, I need a lot … Continue reading

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