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You didn’t have to do what you did, but you did…

and I thank *ME* for finally basically finishing a pattern I’ve been stalled on for over the last year and a half! I lost my paper notes some time ago and without them lacked the motivation to continue the pattern. … Continue reading

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New Pattern (Serac) + Knitalong

Meet Serac! Wikipedia defines a serac thusly: “A serac (originally from Swiss French sérac) is a block or column of ice formed by intersecting crevasses on a glacier.” A photo from the Wikipedia page looked just like the stitch pattern … Continue reading

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Pics, or it didn’t happen…

I’ve been finishing things left, right, and center the past couple weeks. It’s been great! Unfortunately, all year my camera batteries have been dead (and I’ve been too lazy to find the charger and zap them). The best pics I … Continue reading

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