Dreams within dreams

It’s been nice to finish up projects and be responsible. I never used to finish anything, and I now realize, a lot of that stemmed from the yarn I was using not being very inspirational. Frequently, I hoard yarns that are too delicious for words thinking no design is good enough for them. Beautiful yarn is made to be knitted, is it not?

I wanted an ornate shawl to showcase my latest idea, a shawl construction so basic that I’m shocked to have not come across it anywhere before. A shawl that is meant to showcase a new way of doing things needs to be interesting to look at as well as clever, n’est pas? So I designed a little motif for the center:

The yarn is Mountain Meadows Lilura, and I think this is the perfect yarn for this shawl. Lilura is a Basque name (it means “enchantment” and is a fitting name for the 50% alpaca, 50% merino blend in a shade of softest fawn), so I think the shawl should have a Basque name as well. Some of the ones I am considering:

Ederne: “beautiful” – the shawl would indeed be that, but I almost think it’s too much like “eden,” and isn’t descriptive enough.
Irati: “fern field” – parts of the motif look like ferns, though this is only the first of several stitch patterns
Nahia: “desire” – ultra-creamy alpaca and merino knitted to form an intricate lace shawl; I think this name speaks for itself.
Usoa: “dove” – the Lilura yarn is sort of dove-colored, and I like the connotation of comfort from doves cooing, as well as their long-standing symbolism of peace.

Would be curious to see what names others like best; feel free to “vote” in the comments! :)

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7 Responses to Dreams within dreams

  1. Francesca says:

    I love your swatch and I am impressed that you designed it. Of the names you mentioned I like Ederne best and Nahia a close second.. Irati reminds me of “irate”.

  2. Tami says:

    Usoa – because in the center I can kind of see a dove with its wings open.

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  4. bethanyh says:

    Good point about Irati! Ederne and Usoa are my two favorites, too. Nahia has a nice meaning, but there’s something about the pronunciation I’m not in love with.

    Thank you guys for helping me out with this. I get so involved in the concepting, it seems like more time is spent on that (and the pattern) than the knitting. :P

  5. Jeri says:

    I like all of these names, especially since your shawl/name aren’t likely to duplicate another. I guess I’d check rav and do a bit of google to rule out any that are “taken”. If you’d like , I’d love to test knit this for you. I’m pattern whisperer (no space) on ravelry.

  6. bethanyh says:

    Just did a quickie search of Ravelry for all 4 possibles, and nothing turned up, so that’s good. I recently published a pattern and alllmost named it something else. Good thing I didn’t because someone called a pattern (for a totally different type of item) the same thing without the necessary diacritic mark and published it just days later. :P

    Will definitely be needing pattern testers! I’m very excited about this pattern so hope to finish it soon. Thank you!

  7. rachel says:

    I like Usoa. Peace is always good. Irati looks like Irate.

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