Pics, or it didn’t happen…

I’ve been finishing things left, right, and center the past couple weeks. It’s been great! Unfortunately, all year my camera batteries have been dead (and I’ve been too lazy to find the charger and zap them). The best pics I could muster of some recent progress were these:

This will end up being what I call a “hypotenuse shawl” like Usoa. It begins at, well, the hypotenuse and decreases down to a point. I like that this is the fastest, easiest shawl type, and that the rows get faster as you go since you are decreasing not increasing. It makes it easy to do the bulk of the work when you have the most steam: at the beginning!

There is a 3rd repeat after the ones shown now, but finishing up other long-time languishing projects has put this one on the back burner. Now the only WIPs I have are this one, a fawn Pendleton wool cardigan with some interesting/thoughtful details, and another stashbuster’s dream (like my Kaleidoscope fingerless mitts) that I am tentatively naming Lepidoptera because it makes me think of beautiful butterfly wings.

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