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I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done lately! Some pics…

© Bethany Hendrickson Portland, Oregon

This is a scarf looks different on both sides (only one side shown for now) due to the way the brioche stitch pattern encourages each yarn to “choose a side” as it were. Don’t be afraid of the word “brioche,” it’s actually a very simple stitch pattern repeat that is easy to do and memorize. Yarns used are Fibre Company Road to China Light in Smokey Quartz (the darker one), and Schulana Luxair in 44 Gold Brown (the sparkly one). What I also liked about this is that it’s a great stashbuster; who knew you could combine a fingering weight and a bulky weight with such wonderful results? Pattern for this one is to come.

© Bethany Hendrickson Portland, Oregon

These are some sweet little fingerless mitts I designed that are knit in a rather unusual (but simple!) way. To finish, just add a button and they hook together when you aren’t wearing them, eliminating that infurating purse/bag hunt for the one that seems to have gotten away. Pattern for these is also to come.

© Bethany Hendrickson Portland, Oregon

Please note: The ends on this scarf are not woven in yet, but they will be…someday, I promise! Used up some Malabrigo Lace (polar morn and frank ochre, i.e. the light gray and yellow) remnants and some Caress Luxury Yarn (the darker gray) from forever ago to make this. CLY held double, ML held quadruple throughout. I’ve been experimenting with texture as I work my way through my ever-expanding yarn stash, and I’ve found that holding two yarns together gives a much fluffier and more interesting texture than just using a thicker yarn. This is great as most of my stash is lace-sport weight, and I often want to make things that are worsted-chunky weight. Pattern for this one to come soon as well.

More knit and crochet goodies are piling up over here, but I thought it best to spread them out a bit on the blog. Am reworking a couple of older designs of mine and have a completely new one that I’m besotted with. Stay tuned…

And, it has to be noted that I nodded, “mm-hmm’d” and “SO TRUE’d!!” a lot when I saw this on Buzzfeed: 25 Frustrating Things About Being An Extrovert

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