Winter is coming.

It’s hot outside, but in Portland, Oregon hot weather doesn’t last too long. (Thankfully!) I’ve been making a bunch of fingerless mitts (to sell) and plan on publishing the pattern(s) soon also. They are worked in 3 weights: fingering, sport/dk, and worsted. Some pics below:

I’ve since woven in the ends on these, but was apparently too lazy to resnap them for my ravelry projects page. Whoops. The pair shown above was knitted with the delicious Quince & Company Owl in color Abyssinian. They are incredibly warm and soft! I love Q&Co’s yarns; they are extremely, expertly spun and plied, made in the USA with American fiber, and their price points are really great. I’ve paid much more and gotten much less, so while I wouldn’t say they are “cheap” or “inexpensive,” I would say they are worth every single penny. On that note, should [we] Americans even acknowledge the existence of the penny anymore? I could insert a long I-am-old, walked-to-school-uphill-in-the-snow-both-ways, we-didn’t-have-air-back-then-and-we-were-happy story here, but suffice to say, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to buy anything with a single, solitary penny. :)

These are the first pair of mitts I made that set me on a fingerless mitt-knitting bonanza (After starting at the beginning of June, I’m 8 pairs in, with plenty more on the way). The yarn used was Tahki Tara Tweed in color 009 (a mustard-y yellow shade). I like this yarn ok, but it’s not my favorite blend as it has a lot of synthetic content (for me, a lot of synthetic is anything over 10%).

Am currently stashbusting like crazy and have some patterns in the works hopefully for early fall release. I need to take more pictures as I’ve gotten a shocking amount of knitting done this year, and want to show it off after being such a slacker the last couple of years.

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