Forward progress

Apparently I didn’t have enough hobbies because I fell off the deep end with a new one over Labor Day weekend: records. Found tons of old jazz, weird 50′s music that defies classification and would be fun to play at a party, and some really fantastic Hawaiian tiki-esque music. Of course, I couldn’t play the records without a record player and speakers, so I tracked those down as well, and now I’m desperate to load up on more albums. I made sure to buy ones I liked for the cover as much as the music so that if any of the records don’t play I can still use them for art work at the new place I’m moving to this weekend, yay! It has a really wonderful view/balcony that beg to be enjoyed ASAP while the weather is still nice here in Portland. Its super-funky, late-1950s style is just the change of scenery that I needed to really get inspired and finish up all the designs languishing in various craft bins around my place. Can’t wait to listen to all my new music while I unpack this weekend! Pics to come…

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