Welcome to the jungle

So the new apartment is pretty much my favorite place I’ve ever lived. This is what I get to see every time I open my front door, and yet I’m roughly 2-3 minutes from downtown:

As promised, I was unpacking some more last night and decided to lay out all the records I bought over Labor Day weekend. They took up about 8′ x 12′ on the floor, even when overlapping a bit. I’ve noticed some don’t play very well at all, so their covers will definitely end up as artwork, but I’m not sure how to put them up without making tons of holes in the walls. I want to be able to rearrange wall art on a whim without having to spackle/repaint, so will have to figure that out. Okay, enough blabbing, here they are in all their retrolicious [albeit blurry] glory:

And between all the Hawaiian records I scored and the lush paradise I get to view each day, I guess I was just in the mood to hit Roxy’s Island Grill while out running errands this weekend because…well, because shoyu chicken and macaroni salad, why not? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It’s a huge portion for $7 too, so I had tons left over. Here is what it looked like before half of it magically disappeared:

While listening to all those sweet new grooves I’ve been plugging away on David Sedaris’ When You Are Engulfed In Flames. It’s one of his best, I think, as his books run the gamut from just plain silly to humorous-but-also-very-insightful. This is more toward the humorous/insightful end of the spectrum, so heavier reading than, say, Barrel Fever. I am putting major air quotes around the word “heavier.”

Almost 100% moved. Will be nice to not have to spend a decent portion of my evenings unpacking and organizing. I have a rather decent cache of C-D grade (and that is if I’m being generous) vintage sci-fi flicks to wade through and MST3K (can I use that as a verb?) mercilessly from my couch. Still waffling on whether or not to install cable. I probably will have to break down eventually, but Comcast is so awful. I just hate giving my money to businesses that don’t treat their employees well and provide terrible service at exorbitant prices. That is like some Anti-Charlie-Sheen “LOSING!” right there. *shrug*

Knitting/crocheting to come when I finish all the home improvement projects on my to do list (repainting a bunch of furniture, making some art for the *very* blank walls, and making some cushions for my dining area seating).

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