A long hiatus comes to a satisfying close

Welp, it appears an apology is in order. You see, I was terribly busy for a while, and have neglected my blog. While my lear jet is grounded for repairs, I’m back to post about random Portland stuff, knitting (and crocheting!), cooking, and very likely the odd cat photo or three.

For now, I’ve been making dozens of pairs of fingerless mitts.

Another pair of fingerless mitts in Cascade 220 with misc. yarns for embroidery.

More Cascade 220 mitts. I like the stripe on these, but weaving in ends is going to be an unholy nightmare.

And, good grief, more mitts in Cascade 220. I swear I’ve knitted these in other yarns. Want proof?

I can’t find the ballband for this, but I bought it years ago at my friend’s shop (Knit Knot Studio in the Pearl District of Portland) before it closed. I think the yarn is Schulana Cashmere Tweed.

Lang yak/merino blend; this was heavenly to knit with.

Myak Baby Yak medium (this stuff was like a dream wrapped in kittens stuffed with whispers of greatness).

Another one in a beautifully-colored yarn that shall remain nameless since I don’t want to help market it. It’s the most easily broken yarn of all time. Oh, and it’s expensive. Dislike!

This one is knit in the fingering weight version of tMEBYoaT. So pretty. So much swearing while I was knitting with it.

Still another pair in Cascade EcoWool:

And there are many more that have yet to be completed or photographed.

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2 Responses to A long hiatus comes to a satisfying close

  1. Amos says:

    I wish I had a pair, of gloves that is. :-)

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