Pics or it didn’t happen

I’ve been busy neglecting my blog knitting up a storm lately. The fall weather is starting to sneak in here and there in Portland and it’s giving me the itch to stitch big time. So far, the Alpenwald shawl is nearly complete, though I’m still trying to decide how I’d like to finish it and since I’m charting as I go the project is too cumbersome to go anywhere but my couch. But this is it in all it’s glory:

Alpenwald Shawl

Then there is another design that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. It’s Svartifoss—a series of lovely blackish-teal hexagons that could either be a cowl or an infinity scarf; inspired by the Icelandic waterfall of the same name. I’m not through the skein far enough to tell how many motifs I will have. You could remind me to use a kitchen scale, but that requires owning one. I keep fixin’ to, but it keeps not happening. So I get to savor the excitement that is knitting until I run out of yarn and hoping there is enough to do what I want with it. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Light in colorway “Georgia O’Keefe.”


A while back (around 2 years ago, I’d guess) I started a faux fox stole, and I’m so close to finishing finally! It just needs its back feet and a tail. It will be lined with some nice flannel I bought on clearance at the Pendleton Woolen Mill store in Milwaukie, OR:

Faux Fox Stole

And of course, I had to cast on for something new (a sweater of my own design with gobs of embroidery added after, to boot) because I’m just a glutton for punishment. Here it is in progress with a sketch of what I hope the finished item looks like next to it:

As yet unnamed sweater from my line of German/Austrian-themed patterns

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