I’ve been crocheting and knitting for nearly as long as I can remember, and have been designing my own patterns for knit and crochet almost as long as I’ve been doing both.

My design inspiration comes from several places, but most often from a desire to solve a particular need, or common design/fit flaw/problem, as well as letting a yarn tell its story. Before I publish a pattern (free or for pay) it is test-knitted (or crocheted) by several people of varying skill levels, and tech-edited for clarity, correct math, and aesthetic appeal.

The pattern PDFs are designed for and targeted to the person printing from home. To save people purchasing my patterns money, I:
• keep my patterns to as few pages as possible (but make sure they aren’t too terse either)
• put photographs on the first page only (patterns are also designed so most pages can be printed in grayscale on fast/draft quality to conserve ink)
• put tutorials online (not inline!) and link to them in the patterns
• make use of whitespace next to a given stitch pattern for its corresponding chart so there are fewer pages to print (this also makes it much easier to compare charts to written stitch patterns for those who are just learning how to use them)
• use light gray fills on “no-stitch” areas of charts (instead of the industry standard—and ink-wasting—black fill)

In regard to finished objects (i.e. “FOs”), do what you like with them, and I do not ask for credit for the design. Sell your FOs, donate them to charity (I don’t care which one, though I am partial to UC Davis Honeybee Research, if you are looking for a charity to which to donate funds), use them as litterbox mats, whatever. Most of all: please enjoy working from my patterns, and if you have any questions or comments about them, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: patterns (at) bethanyhendrickson (dot) com

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