I’m melting…meeeeltiiiiing…

We’ve had the mildest, most boring/cool weather for so long that this little 80-something-degrees (fahrenheit) spate of weather has seemed like an absolute scorcher. It’s stealing my motivation to do pretty much everything: cook, clean, knit and crochet, pretty much to move at all is a chore.

I’m going to look on the bright side and appreciate that I get to work in a positively Antarctic office all day (like, to the point that I have seriously thought of bringing my wool/angora sweater to leave at my desk and have been working on an afghan to keep at my desk).

It is with plenty of empathy and zero irony that I tell you all to “be cool, dudes.”

As promised a few more quick and easy tips:

  • To keep your abode cool in hot weather when you have no A/C, leave the windows open all night (and fans on if you have them). Counter-intuitively: CLOSE THE WINDOWS AND BLINDS IN THE MORNING. I wish I had known this the whole time I was growing up and sleeping in a swimsuit with ice packs on under the fan in my window. Drat.
  • To use small lamps to greater effect in a room: point them into corners, ceilings, or at the wall instead of using them as directed task-lighting. They will make the room much brighter in a more aesthetically pleasing way.
  • When making a half sandwich (these instructions are for a PB&J, but would work for others): peanut butter one half, jam the other, then just fold in half. This saves the step of dirtying a cutting board and serrated knife in order to get a clean cut (I make mine on a paper towel on the counter—if I’m tidy enough in the prep, the paper towel can get folded and put in the lunch bag instead of thrown away), and the resulting sandwich is tidier to eat as well.

That’s all I got, folks—enjoy!!

here, have a rainbow for fun

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S.O.S., Help!, and other golden oldies

So I’ve been storing up some neat little tips, and after watching 2 episodes of Food Network Star back-to-back this evening to get caught up (and get my mind off the heat), I think it’s time to share them here on the blog.

Having to pack lunches for my munchkin every day (and not having the last name Trump or any family that just hangs out in Monaco all the time), I am always looking for healthy, but economically priced, things to put in that little brown paper bag. This means I end up buying a lot of bananas. Now, I’m one of those freaks who will pore over those delectable Cavendishes like all that stands between me and a Nobel Prize is my trusty-dusty microscope. I will tear off 2 that are green, 2 that are kind of green (i.e. almost just right), and then 2 that are already ripe (because many times I lose my nerve and eat one on the way home —letting the thing get to that very-yellow-musky-smelling stage makes me feel like I gave up on the poor nanner and let it die/rot on my countertop…by getting two, I still have one left over to ripen the remaining ones). The problem is, being so picky about my bananas means I won’t eat them during most of their ripening stage. Until now, that is.

Now I have a non-banana-bread use for bananas that may even have a spot or twenty. All my Food Network watching (and years of eating, let’s not forget) have taught me that combining tastes means providing a contrast of some kind. What could possibly contrast a nasty, funky, sickeningly sweet banana? Why, Greek yogurt, of course! I came up with this one day at work when I was low on snacks and had to cook with what was “on hand” (no pun intended, for all you banana-minutiae-lovers). Behold:

1 banana in a state of unappealing (ugh, really Bethany?) ripeness
3/4 cup Greek-style yogurt, plain, full fat (which in yogurt terms is like .00003%)
2-5 tablespoons honey, to taste – bonus pinky-in-the-air-points if it’s raw & local (to you)
a dinglehopper or something you’d use to scrape the bottom of a pan to annoy people*

Using your dinglehopper (or SYUTSTBOAPTAP), mash your banana to smithereens. Add yogurt. Add honey. Blend well. Eat until deliriously happy, then walk around smugly blabbing to anyone who will listen about what a healthy/frugal thing you just ate.

More tips to come. I think I’ll spread them around so that I can give my keyboard a rest. Am seeing little wisps of smoke rolling off it. Oh, and I may or may not have to go to bed so that I don’t turn into a pumpkin. There’s been a rather suspicious-looking fairy godmother lurking around my building, and she seems nice, but I don’t trust her further than I can thr— *poof*

(Did I mention it’s late, and that I tend to ramble when I’m tired?)

*You may know this item as a “fork.”

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Chasing rainbows

The Noro chevron-knit thing from a few posts back is done, but for 1″ x 8″ of ribbing and some careful tugging at the bind off edge to make the points more pronounced. Uff da, am I ever ready for it to be finished!

Am plodding along on the other gray shawl. I love the yarn and the design, but I’ve just had so little time to knit, and its one where I really had to count rows carefully to write the pattern correctly, whereas the Noro one was work 1 repeat, and then reading the knitting, work in pattern as established. I like designs like that because there isn’t anything to stop you from picking them up any time and any place.

Off to run some errands. My work is moving offices today so we get the day off while everyone else does the hard work of moving crates, setting up our desks, and cleaning up the moving mess. Yay! I never take days off, so when I get one from serendipitous circumstances such as these… it doth make mine heart fulle of mirth.

Chock full. Bursting at the seams, even.

Am I working on anything new? Of course I am. Have I tinked and reknitted about 8,295 times? Of course I have. Any pics to show for all the trouble? Of course not!

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Fibonacci sequence + pixiedust

It can sometimes seem nearly impossible to stay positive. I seem to always find myself scribbling furiously into the “CON” column while the “PRO” column languishes, empty. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that anything can fill both columns, depending on who is holding the pen and what sort of mood they’re in (or perhaps, more aptly put, what sort of mood life has handed them for the day).

What got me thinking about this was tomatoes. I was flipping through the latest issue of Sunset magazine (insert Negative Nelly here…follow up with the pro that it makes for great eyecandy and fun reading), and saw that right here in Oregon, a Super-Tomato has been bred from a few select varieties to produce a tomato that is actually purple. The color comes from anthocyanins, which are basically pigments that indicate how vitamin-packed a food is. I let the information from the little snippet (at just a few sentences long, I could hardly call it an article) wash over me momentarily, and simultaneously thought “Huh.” and “I bet they stain even worse than regular tomatoes.” *grumble, grumble*

I wanted to do an experiment to make some objective statements and then show that I truly can come up with more positives than negatives for each, but apparently life was doling out brown, foul-smelling moods today. No point in putting a Pollyanna mask on George Carlin, nome sane?

Perhaps some lunch will help? Off to eat…

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Such a tease…

Okay, so I’ve been dangling the carrot on a stick far too long. Here are a few photos of a couple WIPs that are soon to be finding their way off my needles and onto my person…

chevron knit

delicious garter stitch

delicious shetland edging

Much more knitting to be done…can’t wait to post pics of the finished objects!

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New and improved!

Have been a bit busy lately, but now that I have a free weekend with zero plans, I hope to take some works in progress out for photos in nice natural lighting this weekend. Watching Grimm in about 6 minutes. Eek! This week is full of win.

Can’t wait to finish what I’m working on so I can cast on for some other things in some delicious yarns. Perhaps finally a sweater for myself…? *lucy swiftly moves football out of charlie brown’s reach* Maybe, maybe not.

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Set The Mood Mondays Vol. 10

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I need to set the mood for this week. Not sure if there is a theme between these. Some of them are songs that make me truly happy, or songs that I find comforting, the rest are probably maudlin songs that I just flat appreciate. Bon appetit, as always:

For Mothers’ Day?(Laurie Anderson in concert was one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless. If you ever get a chance to see her, you simply must!)

I love every version of this song that I’ve come across (even the Weird Al parody “I Think I’m a Clone Now.) Lene Lovich’s is particularly special for me.

Have had this one on repeat more than I care to admit at varying points in my life.

Sometimes it’s easy to doubt this, but it’s true:

Robert Hazard is probably one of the best artists you’ve never heard of. I found one of his tapes at a Value Village in Puyallup (WA) back in the mid-90′s at the height of my new wave obsession (Ok, I’ll be honest, my new wave obsession has been ongoing for the last 15+ years). If you haven’t heard of RH, then surely you have heard this song?

Best singalong song on the planet? You be the judge. (I say YES.)

Okay, I think this is enough stuff to keep this week “rolling on a rihhh-vahhhhh.” Have a great week. Photos of WIPs pending, before the cream sets out too long and all. ;)

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Placeholder + Sneezing

I solemnly swear I am up to no good, and will have photos to prove such (hopefully by tomorrow). No promises though, I am home sick from work for a craptacular bout of what is most likely a really bad case of allergies (again) and ensuing sinus infection. It seems I’m getting onset of severe seasonal allergies with immediate sinus infection about every week and a half to two weeks now. Apparently, my neighborhood—with all its glorious old trees and beautifully landscaped floral displays in its yards—is trying to kill me.

It had me fooled yesterday with the head ache, sore throat, and body aches—must be a cold, I thought.Who gets body aches with allergies? Well, they may not come with the allergies, but if you’re lucky enough to have allergies keep repeatedly turning into sinus infections…(I just barely finished the antibiotics for the last one, too.) Oh well. Have to wait until later today to take sudafed (a long story, but a good one), and until I can take some, it’s going to feel like I have a couple of kittens stuffed up my nose. Not happy!

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We live in some truly amazing times

laundry room awesomeness

Could not be happier about this. The machines take debit/credit cards now, too. Whee!

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Momma don’t take my Kodachrome away-y-y…

Took some neat photos the other morning when I got off the streetcar. I absolutely *love* working in the Pearl! :)

11th and Couch, looking East 4-12-12

11th and Couch, looking East 4-12-12

And these impressed me with their reduce, reuse, recycle vibe:

Anthropologie, 11th & Couch

Anthropologie, 11th & Couch

And just because they are stupendous, the Mary Nell cocktail/appetizer from Café Nell:

Mary Nell, aka The Bad Mamma Jamma

Mary Nell, aka The Bad Mamma Jamma

<Annie Hall>La-di-da!</Annie Hall>

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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