Such a tease…

Okay, so I’ve been dangling the carrot on a stick far too long. Here are a few photos of a couple WIPs that are soon to be finding their way off my needles and onto my person…

chevron knit

delicious garter stitch

delicious shetland edging

Much more knitting to be done…can’t wait to post pics of the finished objects!

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New and improved!

Have been a bit busy lately, but now that I have a free weekend with zero plans, I hope to take some works in progress out for photos in nice natural lighting this weekend. Watching Grimm in about 6 minutes. Eek! This week is full of win.

Can’t wait to finish what I’m working on so I can cast on for some other things in some delicious yarns. Perhaps finally a sweater for myself…? *lucy swiftly moves football out of charlie brown’s reach* Maybe, maybe not.

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Set The Mood Mondays Vol. 10

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I need to set the mood for this week. Not sure if there is a theme between these. Some of them are songs that make me truly happy, or songs that I find comforting, the rest are probably maudlin songs that I just flat appreciate. Bon appetit, as always:

For Mothers’ Day?(Laurie Anderson in concert was one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless. If you ever get a chance to see her, you simply must!)

I love every version of this song that I’ve come across (even the Weird Al parody “I Think I’m a Clone Now.) Lene Lovich’s is particularly special for me.

Have had this one on repeat more than I care to admit at varying points in my life.

Sometimes it’s easy to doubt this, but it’s true:

Robert Hazard is probably one of the best artists you’ve never heard of. I found one of his tapes at a Value Village in Puyallup (WA) back in the mid-90′s at the height of my new wave obsession (Ok, I’ll be honest, my new wave obsession has been ongoing for the last 15+ years). If you haven’t heard of RH, then surely you have heard this song?

Best singalong song on the planet? You be the judge. (I say YES.)

Okay, I think this is enough stuff to keep this week “rolling on a rihhh-vahhhhh.” Have a great week. Photos of WIPs pending, before the cream sets out too long and all. ;)

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Placeholder + Sneezing

I solemnly swear I am up to no good, and will have photos to prove such (hopefully by tomorrow). No promises though, I am home sick from work for a craptacular bout of what is most likely a really bad case of allergies (again) and ensuing sinus infection. It seems I’m getting onset of severe seasonal allergies with immediate sinus infection about every week and a half to two weeks now. Apparently, my neighborhood—with all its glorious old trees and beautifully landscaped floral displays in its yards—is trying to kill me.

It had me fooled yesterday with the head ache, sore throat, and body aches—must be a cold, I thought.Who gets body aches with allergies? Well, they may not come with the allergies, but if you’re lucky enough to have allergies keep repeatedly turning into sinus infections…(I just barely finished the antibiotics for the last one, too.) Oh well. Have to wait until later today to take sudafed (a long story, but a good one), and until I can take some, it’s going to feel like I have a couple of kittens stuffed up my nose. Not happy!

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We live in some truly amazing times

laundry room awesomeness

Could not be happier about this. The machines take debit/credit cards now, too. Whee!

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Momma don’t take my Kodachrome away-y-y…

Took some neat photos the other morning when I got off the streetcar. I absolutely *love* working in the Pearl! :)

11th and Couch, looking East 4-12-12

11th and Couch, looking East 4-12-12

And these impressed me with their reduce, reuse, recycle vibe:

Anthropologie, 11th & Couch

Anthropologie, 11th & Couch

And just because they are stupendous, the Mary Nell cocktail/appetizer from Café Nell:

Mary Nell, aka The Bad Mamma Jamma

Mary Nell, aka The Bad Mamma Jamma

<Annie Hall>La-di-da!</Annie Hall>

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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Make do and blend

So yesterday was a wonderful holiday and we got to eat some really great food. Now, what to do with a whole spiral-sliced ham and a glut of roasted potatoes? Easy!

The ham lends itself well to sandwiches because it’s already sliced, so that’s a no-brainer. The potatoes were a little trickier. I’m a little pleased with myself for dreaming this up, though. They were roasted with a bit of olive oil and some rosemary, garlic, and thyme, then topped with freshly grated parmesan for a nice crispy crust on top. When putting them in the storage container, I got the bright idea to add some whole grain mustard, apple cider vinegar, and dill/paprika/salt/pepper. Shook it until it was thoroughly combined, then into the fridge it went for the night. Today I have a lovely German-style potato salad to eat with the ham sammys. Try it the next time you have leftover potatoes and let me know what you think.

Best of all: am meeting a friend for lunch, and we’re going to eat all these lovelies as a picnic while the weather is still [barely] nice! Yay! :)

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Oh my goodness.

There just has to be a Ghostbusters joke in here somewhere, but I can’t quite grasp it:

crossed cat tails

How can anyone not like cats? I just don’t get it. Maybe they didn’t have sweet kitties in their homes when they were small? I did, and boy, did my “SQUEE, MEOW-MEOWS!!!” exuberance ever stick.

The good thing is, I do know how to turn fiber into yarn, so when people call me a “spinster,” it will be terribly apt. *wink* (“Spinster” is preferable to “crazy cat lady” methinks.)

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 32612.352

Blast. I had to rip back quite a bit of Shetland lace…can’t get my work to match my chart and don’t want the pattern to be wrong. After taking it off the needles to snap the photo posted below, it looks like I didn’t have enough stitches around the outside anyway, so it’s a good thing to find that out now instead of later. Thankfully, no adult beverages were harmed in the frogging of this shawl. (And I didn’t have to frog the whole thing, so it’s not a total reset.)

Shetland Lace Shawl

Oh well, my hat is going much better than the shawl. It is knit crown-down from the inside out (i.e. knit side facing) so that it works more quickly, and has lovely little ribs of brioche stitches. The idea was to mimic a sea urchin’s “test” (i.e. the shell that remains after the fleshy parts and spines of the urchin are gone). The yarn shown is Caress Luxury Yarns two-ply worsted-spun laceweight in a hue of softest, buttery sunlight.

Beret in Royal Baby Alpaca

So many designs crawling anaerobically off the needles. So many patterns lazing around the pool inside my computer. Time to get going and get this stuff out the door!

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Now I’ve heard everything

Spinning with Scottish Highland Cattle fiber. I love it! They are so adorable…I think I need some, but they won’t fit in my apartment.

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